IELTS Hacks: 5 Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners

Are there no IELTS training facilities in your area? Can not fit a review course into your tight schedule? If your answer is yes, the IELTS online program is the answer to your problem.


IELTS online preparation providers offer comprehensive courses without the hassles of their classroom-based counterparts. You do not need to travel to and fro a review center to acquire IELTS training. Likewise, there is no pressure to comply with a set schedule. The IELTS online program gives you the power to choose the time and location of your training sessions. Since lectures are facilitated online, you can take them anytime, anywhere, as long as you observe the specifications of your availed package.


Aside from enrolling in an excellent IELTS online preparation program, it is also vital that you harness your learning style to maximize your review period. If you are a kinesthetic learner—someone who digests information best when in motion or through application—use the following study strategies to enhance your test preparations.


  1. Role-play conversations
  2. Learn by doing. Hone your English communication skills by engaging in dialog. Practice your speaking and writing skills with a peer. Role-play a wide range of situations, from grocery shopping to academic monologs, to improve your linguistic abilities.


  1. Doodle during discussions
  2. Keep your mind in the game during extensive lectures by doodling. Have a scratch paper next to your study notes and sketch out your ideas. The constant and mindless movement will help you improve your focus and fight off mental lethargy.


  1. Move during review
  2. Do not sit as you study; stand and walk instead. Punctuate your extensive training periods with frequent walks and stretches. Take your materials with you and pace around your study space. Not only will this jumpstart your mental faculties as a kinesthetic learner, but it will also keep you healthy in the long run.


  1. Use visual aids
  2. While at a glance this tip is more appropriate for a visual learner, kinesthetic learners can also benefit from visual aids’ review-enhancing attributes. Recognize patterns throughout your review lectures and establish them using your own graphic organizer. Create charts, graphs, and flow charts. Do not settle for reading, listening, and understanding during discussions—harness your learning style and write down what you have learned for better comprehension and retention.


  1. Engage in activities that are not mentally driven while studying
  2. Being a kinesthetic learner is an advantageous trait especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Integrate your study practices into your daily routines. Listen to audio recordings of your materials while you exercise. Tape your notes at strategic locations so you can study while you accomplish your chores.


Do not let the digital nature of your IELTS online classes cramp your learning style. Integrate these kinesthetic-centered study tips into your preparations and enhance your test performance.



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