IELTS Strategies: How to Level up Your Word Choice Skills

Just because you can understand English, it does not automatically mean that you can communicate well in the language. This is one of the first truths that every IELTS test taker must embrace. Having enough knowledge to enjoy English movies and appreciate the latest song hits are not enough to get your band score dream.
IELTS Strategies
Maximize your IELTS preparation period. The only way to build your proficiency in English is by simultaneously learning and applying the language. There is no better way to do it than by enrolling in an IELTS online training course. The one-on-one coaching sessions will not only help you master grammar lessons faster, but it will also help you feel more comfortable communicating with the language.

Regularly engaging in discussions with your IELTS online training teachers can lessen your chances of stuttering. It can also significantly diminish the instances when you can’t find the right words to articulate your message.

Consider including the following strategies in your IELTS preparation efforts to help you hone your impromptu word choice in verbal and written discussions.

For verbal discourse: 


  • Don’t hurry. One of the biggest mistakes that any budding English speaker make in conversations is speaking too fast. Some do this without meaning – a subconscious effort to finish a discussion as fast as possible – while others deliberately talk fast out of excitement or nerves. Slow down, and pace yourself. Speaking slowly gives you more time to dig through your mind for the right words.
  • Concentrate. If you are delivering an address or a planned reply (in the IELTS Speaking exam, there is a portion where test takers are given a few minutes to construct their answer) do not focus on the words – focus on your message. Rely on your vocabulary. Deliver your message confidently and do not let any forgotten words distract you.
  • Suspend your inner critic. Do not beat yourself up for a few mispronounced words. Carry on and communicate your message. Remember, mistakes are not the end of the world, they are just a reminder that you still have room for improvement.


For written discourse: 


  • Read aloud. Develop your vocabulary by devouring literature. Studies show that people absorb information better if they are spoken out loud. This is because reading aloud forces you to pace yourself and enunciate each word, which prevents skimming.
  • Learn connotative expressions. Integrate subtle wordplay into your IELTS preparation practices. Do not rely solely on straightforward language. Using analogies and metaphors is an excellent countermeasure for those moments when you can’t think of the exact word you want to use.
  • Avoid overused terms.  Whenever it is possible to use another word, refrain from using words like “very” to emphasize a thought. Trim words that are inessential to a sentence.


There are a lot of other ways to enhance your vocabulary usage fluency. The strategies mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Take IELTS online training classes to cultivate your verbal and written communication skills for the high-stakes exam.

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