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7 Amazing IELTS Review Techniques to Try Right Now

Do not waste your IELTS preparation period. Put your review efforts on full throttle and enroll in an IELTS course. This comprehensive training program provides in-depth discussions about the high-stakes exam’s format and coverage. As former test takers themselves, IELTS course teachers know the English proficiency evaluation inside out. They utilize quality materials and up-to- date mock assessments to help examinees acclimate … Continue reading “7 Amazing IELTS Review Techniques to Try Right Now”

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IELTS Hacks: 5 Study Tips for Kinesthetic Learners

Are there no IELTS training facilities in your area? Can not fit a review course into your tight schedule? If your answer is yes, the IELTS online program is the answer to your problem.  

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Superb ways to stay creative

IELTS Hacks: Superb Ways to Stay Creative

Creativity is an essential element when engaging in challenging activities such as IELTS online tests. With the prevalence of the digital era, being critical and creative all at the same time are vital to keeping up with the growing life and work demands.     Intensive exam preparations like the IELTS online review can sometimes … Continue reading “IELTS Hacks: Superb Ways to Stay Creative”

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Writing 101 Review of Related Literature

Writing 101: Review of Related Literature

  As a test-taker, it is significant to maximize your IELTS preparation period to elevate your chances of acquiring your score goals. Hence, you must employ effective IELTS preparation schemes that can boost your energy and motivate you to do better.     IELTS online training is an avenue to acclimate yourself to the demands … Continue reading “Writing 101: Review of Related Literature”

DEMONSTRATIVES Learning the Different Uses

DEMONSTRATIVES: Learning about the Different Uses

  JRooz International offers IELTS online courses that are centered on developing the maximum potential of its students. IELTS online programs vary depending on the package you availed. In any case, you can ensure that our instructors will maximize your IELTS online preparation period to the best of their ability by starting the discussion with … Continue reading “DEMONSTRATIVES: Learning about the Different Uses”

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IELTS Strategies

IELTS Strategies: How to Level up Your Word Choice Skills

  Just because you can understand English, it does not automatically mean that you can communicate well in the language. This is one of the first truths that every IELTS test taker must embrace. Having enough knowledge to enjoy English movies and appreciate the latest song hits are not enough to get your band score … Continue reading “IELTS Strategies: How to Level up Your Word Choice Skills”

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Foolproof study tips

5 Foolproof Study Tips for IELTS Online Students

It goes without saying that online training courses differ from classroom-based review programs. If you are planning to prepare for the IELTS test by enrolling in the former, you have more control over your schedule and learning location. You can take online IELTS preparation sessions anytime anywhere provided that you have the necessary equipment and that you arrange your … Continue reading “5 Foolproof Study Tips for IELTS Online Students”

Great Conversationalist Rules

Five Rules to Become a Great Conversationalist

Engaging in an intensive IELTS online preparation course ensures maximum potential build-up. The IELTS online course, for instance, gives students an overview of the mechanics and the rigidity of the actual exam. Thus, it is imperative to take an IELTS online course especially if you are not comfortable in a classroom arrangement or there are … Continue reading “Five Rules to Become a Great Conversationalist”

choosing your IELTS online course package

Things to Consider When Selecting your IELTS Online Course Package

Maximizing your IELTS preparation period is an essential step towards reaching your band score goal. It’s the time for you to study up on your linguistic Achilles heel and hone your English communication skills. Most people enroll in IELTS test review centers to level up their grammatical proficiency and language fluency. However, due to previous … Continue reading “Things to Consider When Selecting your IELTS Online Course Package”

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Bite-Sized eLearning: Making Education More Fun and Digestible

  A study conducted by Dr. Sandi Mann of the University of Central Lancashire revealed that about 30 percent of students found traditional lectures tedious. Additionally, based on Carl Roger’s learning theory, the lack of freedom to learn and the dissociation of subject matter of interest contribute to students’ boredom.     Bite-Sized eLearning For … Continue reading “Bite-Sized eLearning: Making Education More Fun and Digestible”

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