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The IELTS exam consists of four subtests, namely, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We make sure that we got everything covered by giving you all the resources and the necessary feedback that you need to ace your IELTS exam.


The course is intended for candidates who want to study or seek professional registration in their respective fields of discipline (e.g., nursing and engineering) in an English-speaking country. This version of IELTS validates your ability to communicate in the university and professional levels.



This is designed for candidates seeking language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The General Training version is suitable for you if your purpose is to migrate, study at a college or training centre below a degree level, or work as a skilled worker (e.g., butcher and plumber) in an English-speaking country.



Do you often find yourself asking “What did he just say?” while watching an English movie? The IELTS Listening exam works like you are watching an English movie or listening to an English radio drama. This is a 30-minute exam, including 10 minutes transfer time. There are four recordings that cover a conversation between two people, a monologue set in everyday social situation, a conversation set in an educational or training context, and a monologue on an academic subject. You have to write your answers for these questions.

JROOZ got your listening exam covered! This innovative course on listening allows you to access a video lecture. It also enables you to access listening practice tests.


Do you have difficulties identifying the main idea when reading a passage? Sure, the reading exam can be a challenge, but we can help you out!

In the IELTS Academic reading, you will be given three long passages from various references such as books, journals, newspapers, and magazines. You are given an hour to answer 40 questions.

The IELTS General Training reading, on the other hand, is composed of three sections: Section 1 relates topics about everyday life, Section 2 covers work-related issues, and Section 3 includes a more complex text relating to general interest.

With our practice tests and techniques, you will surely ace your reading exam.


Does the phrase “word count” make you panic? Calm down. In IELTS, the Academic and General Training writing tests differ.

    For the Academic test, a candidate is given two tasks:
  • Task 1. It requires the candidate to describe diagrams (e.g., tables, graphs, and charts) with a minimum of 150 words in 20 minutes.
  • Task 2. It asks the candidate to write a formal essay in response to a problem, an argument, or a point of view consisting of at least 250 words. This task would constitute three-fourths of your writing band score, and you are expected to finish it within 40 minutes.
    For the General Training test, a candidate is given two tasks:
  • Task 1. It requires the candidate to write a letter requesting for information or explaining a situation. The letter may be written in a subjective or an objective style.
  • Task 2. Same as Academic, it asks the candidate to write an essay in response to a problem, an argument, or a point of view. It carries a heavier weight than Task 1.

Writing is made easy with JROOZ! Our lecture video and supplemental materials provide comprehensive discussions on how to write in an academic or informal tone. We also tackle the importance of lexical resource and the art of paraphrasing. Moreover, we provide feedback and supplemental materials focusing on the elements of formal communication.

You write, we check. We ensure that your written outputs are thoroughly evaluated to help you HIT your TARGET band score.


Do you stutter during an interview? Relax! The IELTS Speaking exam is just like an interview. It is a test which lasts for 11–14 minutes and is composed of three parts. Part 1. It covers general topics. Part 2. It requires a candidate to talk about a topic, which lasts for two minutes. Part 3. It is related to the questions in Part 2. A candidate may discuss abstract concepts and topics for about four to five minutes.

Learn to speak like a pro with JROOZ! JROOZ can help boost your confidence in answering fluently the questions in the IELTS Speaking exam. And what is the best way to ace your speaking exam? Practice. PRACTICE WITH US!