Instructor Profiles - JROOZ International


Sybil Nighswonger
English Director

“The future of the world is in my classroom today.” Ivan Welton Fitzwater.

This is the stark reality faced daily by every JRooz instructor in his classroom. He plays a very crucial role in the fulfillment of the dreams of his students, be that to work or study abroad. This is why he stands in the classroom everyday giving his best and going out of his way to ensure the success of his students in their chosen exam.

Darlene C. Medina, LPT
Online Coordinator

Ms Darlene has always been and always will be a teacher by heart. Nothing satisfies her more than knowing that her students excel in whatever endeavor her students want to take. That desire is seen in her day-to-day interactions with her students. Never settling for second best and always encouraging and supportive, her dedication to her craft is infectious and she pushes everyone around her to be better. It’s a theme consistent in her activities. “A teacher of life.



Adrienne Margaux Q. Dolores

I am glad that coach Margaux was very accommodating and provided me a lot of information as to how to start my review properly. –A.L.D.–London

Excellent job for Ma’am Margaux for accommodating me sometimes even beyond my dedicated session. I was really shy because she was trying to extend more of her time and making the OL coaching seem close as if I am just next to her. Hope you’ll be my coach again. Thank you. –D.C.M.–France

My speaking coaching today was awesome, even though I did not get my target score I found it fascinating as I still progress towards my target score. My coach is really kind and approachable, thanks Ms. Margaux.. 🙂 –F.G.–Italy

John Angelo L. Concepcion, RN

Very helpful tips were given by the coach Gelo. He was also very friendly and encouraging which immensely boosted my confidence. Thank you sir!—EGS–Italy

Coach Gelo is very accommodating and he teaches the lesson well. I saw improvements in my outputs. I’m very thankful I enrolled at Jrooz. – GFD–London

Coach Gelo is always on time and I feel like I am being taken care of. The online review is very helpful and the staff is very courteous. I highly appreciate the comments made by sir Gelo. It gave me insights on how I can improve my speaking skills. –O.S.T.–USA



Ms. Kathleen Angelica Ganzon , RN

Ms. Angel is an effective coach, she clearly identifies the things in my speaking and writing I need to work improve. I like her being honest and giving clear feedback, when she speaks she really sounds very professional and is very knowledgeable with what she shares. Ms. Angel always helps me with the tasks, she is very competent and friendly with just the right balance which made me want to have more coaching sessions that led to my achieving my target scores. Thank you coach Angel.


Ms. Kather Lynn Galeon, RN

Ma’am Kathe is extremely helpful, has honest feedback and very encouraging. I am lucky to have her as my coach for my past session. I find it very helpful that a service like this is available and people who, like ma’am Kathe have the utmost understanding of OFW’s. Overall, I am satisfied with my online coaching, you got the best coach and service.